Tata Chemical – Green River Facility

The Tata Chemical (formerly General Chemical) Green River facility is an underground trona mine and surface refining plant that process ore into soda ash. It is located in southwest Wyoming, and operates around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Power generation for the plant is provided by a coal-fired 30 MW power plant. The existing controls equipment for handling the coal at the power plant was obsolete, deteriorating, and in need of upgrades.

Reliable Controls Corporation performed the planning, engineering, procurement and installation of a new PLC system to control the coal handling for the power plant. The project involved upgrading the coal loadout system from a General Electric GE 90-30 PLC to an Allen Bradley Control Logix platform, Ethernet I/O, PanelView HMI, and connectivity to the existing Intellution system.

A key factor was to minimize equipment down-time, so the project was planned with a 16-hour cutover period to

Remove the existing PLC panel
Install the new PLC panel
Perform I/O checkout
Commission the new system

Reliable Controls Corporation personnel performed a successful cutover within the time frame required by the client. The local and remote I/O was put on an Ethernet network, enhancing the ease of installation and providing very fast data communication. The new control system also allows the client to add enhancements as needed. A challenge of this project was to get accurate existing plant information, a typical problem of working on an older plant.Documentation had been lost, and an assessment of what was there was needed to perform the planning and design.