Questar Gas – Stagecoach Compressor

Questar provides natural gas-distribution to nearly 900,000 customers throughout Utah, Wyoming and Idaho and is also one of the most efficient natural gas utilities in America.

Reliable Controls Corporation had the opportunity to work with Questar, supplying the following for the Stage coach Project:

Project coordination Control Systems Integration (PLC & HMI)
Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Support and Instrument Calibration
Pre-Operational Testing and Commissioning
Plant Start-Up and Ramp-Up Support

The Stagecoach project was one of Reliable Controls most challenging projects to date. Not only were there external challenges to face, but there were factors that required new team members to join the project throughout the execution of the project. Reliable Controls was able to complete an exceptional project by having qualified individuals like Jeff Van Dyke lead our troops. The tools and standards that were developed and optimized for this project were very beneficial and have been used on future projects. Congratulations to our Stagecoach Project Team (Jeff Van Dyke, Keith Baldwin, Sameera Mandala, and Ryan Stone) on their superb efforts and perseverance to complete a successful project.

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