Questar Gas – Pinedale Compressor

Questar drilled its first well at Pinedale in 1963, but it wasnt until 1999 that they found a way to produce sufficient quantities of gas from the tight sandstone formations.

In 2006, Reliable Controls was able to work on The Questar Pinedale Compressor project and provided the following services:

The current compressor station logic was transferred over to the Pinedale Liquids Stabilizer Facility PLC for control of the compressor station over ControlNET.
The new compressor logic was written on the Pinedale Liquids Stabilizer Facility PLC.
For the operator interface, the compressor station HMI screens were developed in Intellution and were installed for use at the Pinedale Liquids facility.
Additionally, two Panelview HMIs were programmed and configured for use locally at the compressor station
Performed complete instrument calibration of the facility.
The commissioning of the Pinedale compressor station instrumentation, equipment, and control system.
Turn-Over packages including all applicable information for the project.

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