Questar Gas – Natural Gas Facilities

Questar is a natural gas distribution company and is recognized as one of the most efficient natural gas utilities in the nation. Reliable Controls was able to provide electrical and instrumentation as-builts for Questars Blacksfork, Vermillion, 24B Redwash and Clear Creek facilities.

RCC provided the following services:

As-Built Prep Work- Standardization, development of new drawings and work packages, and processes for field work.
Field-Work – Work package field tests, action item reports, and field work completion.
Data Sheet Work -Transfer to ISA standard, field review and development of new data sheets, and completion of data work.
RS3 Audit (DCS) Audit and P&ID work.
PLC Documentation- Modicon PLC Documentation completed.
P&ID Redline Work- ControLogix red-line and DCS audit completed.
As-Built Quality Control- Performed backchecks on AutoCAD drawings from field, data sheets, and drawings.
Turnover Packages- Deliverables printed and formatted into electronic turnover packages.

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