Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation – Pueblo Viejo Mine

The Pueblo Viejo mine is a multi-billion dollar mining facility located in the central part of the Dominican Republic. The site, which is a sulfidic refractory gold deposit, is currently being developed to a 24,000 ton-per-day design capacity. The mine is currently under construction with new facilities and equipment to extract and process the gold-containing sulfurs of the mine. The mine features high-tech innovations (such as large-scale autoclaving) for processing the ore, and mitigating environmental impacts.

The RCC Relay Testing consists of

Testing of 280 protective relays utilizing specialized test equipment
Customized work packages
Use of paperless documentation, including “as-found, “as-left, testing results and defect identification with pictures where needed
Protective relays as applied to 220 Kv, 34.5 Kv, and 4.16 Kv distribution systems

The Pre-Operational Testing and Commissioning team is responsible for

Inspection of instrumentation and electrical equipment
Defect identification (punch list)
Calibration, loop checks, and I/O function checks
Drawing redlines
DCS & PLC integrity checks
Reliable Controls Corporation is proud to be part of this large-scale, world-class mining project.

Reliable Controls Corporation is under contract with Fluor Corporation to provide relay testing and electrical pre-operational testing and commissioning services to the mine.