Project on the Carlin Trend

Recently, Reliable Controls had the opportunity to work on a project located on the Carlin Trend, the most prolific gold mining district in the Western Hemisphere, about 60 kilometers northwest of Elko, Nevada.

Beginning in late November of 2014, the host company of this project initiated a new processing method and contacted Reliable Controls for assistance in getting the new process off the ground and running.

Between December 2013 and January 2015 Reliable Controls had a total of four engineers that worked on the project, however only three were on the project at a time. Our engineers and technicians worked hand-in-hand with the general construction and engineering firm of the project to assist in the commissioning and testing of the instrumentation of the plant.

Reliable Controls organized all loop drawings, manuals and P&ID’s. They also worked on the MCC motors, heater skids, smart intelicenters, and performed maintenance on the Delta V & DCS systems.

Finally, our team helped to train all of the host company’s electrical employees at the facility on the new equipment and protocol.

The new process that Reliable Controls helped implement is expected to process an average of 350,000-450,000 ounces of gold annually in its first full five years. Reliable Controls was pleased to have been of assistance in achieving this goal with the host company and looks forward to a continued relationship with them in the years to come.