Natural Gas

Natural gas is an essential part of America’s energy mix. Natural gas currently provides almost one-third (29%) of the United States’ energy needs. With increased market share in electrical energy production and improved methods for production and distribution, the Natural Gas industry has grown substantially in the last decade.

By all accounts, demand for Natural Gas will continue to increase for the foreseeable future due to increasing populations, emphasis on clean & renewable energy and other technological improvements.

Reliable Controls continues to provide valuable expertise to our clients in the Natural Gas industry. Our electrical, instrumentation and process control services have supported our clients to achieve higher levels of production, efficiency and safety.

We can provide these services for gas compression facilities, processing facilities and distribution networks:
• Assessment and As-Built Services (PSM Compliance)
• Instrumentation, Electrical and Control Systems
• Process Hazard Analysis
• Subject Matter Experts and Facilitation
• Control Systems
• Design, Integration, Optimization, and “end-of-life” Upgrades
• Instrumentation Calibrations and Assessments
• Pre-operational Testing and Commissioning
• Pre-start-up safety review participation (PSSR)
• Plant Start-up and Ramp-up support

Reliable Controls has developed successful proprietary methods for thorough and efficient verification and validation of plant equipment and instruments. By using these methods, we have found that a plant can be brought to production with a higher level of safety and efficiency due to corrections on issues identified during the assessment process.
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