Enterprise Products – PSM Documentation

Enterprise Products has interests in onshore natural gas pipelines that gather and transport natural gas in five states, and transmit the natural gas from onshore developments through connections with offshore pipelines.

As part of their natural gas facilities, Enterprise Products operates several compressor stations in the Jonah gas fields in southwest Wyoming. The Jonah Gathering System gathers natural gas from Jonah and Pinedale fields for delivery to regional natural gas processing plants. Reliable Controls was contracted by Enterprise Products to provide Assessment, As-Built, and Documentation services for the Paradise, Bird, and Luman natural gas compressor stations.

For this project, Reliable Controls Corporation verified all PSM I/O and used the verified data to deliver As-Built Documentation of the following:

Area Classification Drawings
Cause and Effect Matrix
P&ID Drawings
Instrument List
I/O Schematic Drawings
PSM Loop Drawings
Controls Narrative
ESD Drawings
Electrical One-Line Drawings

Reliable Controls used the above As-Built Documentation to clean-up the PLC code by removing obsolete code and updating poorly documented code. Enterprise Products was very satisfied with the quality and breadth of the documentation provided.

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