Frac Sand Burner Management Control System Integration

In November of 2016, the Reliable Controls team set off with the goal of integrating a new Honeywell Burner Management System with an existing control system to assist in drying frac sand at a facility in Brady, TX. With this integration, the RCC team worked to provide three PID control loops and commission these control loops by tuning the PID to meet the desired set loop without oscillation, and to overshoot/undershoot the set point.

The team assessed the following:

•Control Burner output based on the output temperature of the sand. (Process)
•Control the speed of the fluidizing blower based on fan output & pressure.
•Control the speed of the exhaust fan based on the draft pressure, a negative pressure set point between the dryer & scrubber. (Wet Dust Collector)

Frac sand is a natural material made from high-purity sandstone that is used for Hydraulic Fracturing, also known as “fracking.” Due to requirements put in place by the American Petroleum Institute that monitor the weight percentage, sphericity and roundness, crush resistance, acid solubility and turbidity of frac sand, mining companies will wash and dry the sand to rid it of all possible impurities.
During the drying stage, the sand is shaped and sized into a variety of products. These shapes and sizes have a large effect on conductivity, making quality and consistency in this process very important. The Reliable Controls team successfully completed this project! This is just one area of Hydraulic Fracturing that the RCC team can assist with. For more information, visit our projects section via the link below, or contact us at 801.924.8300.