Gold Mine Commercial Production Testing

In June of this year, members of the Reliable Controls team headed out to a project in East Suriname. This was the first time we’d completed work in Suriname; it’s always nice to have the opportunity to expand our global partnerships! ??For this project, RCC worked on a gold deposit north of the Nassau Mountains to provide on-site personnel to inspect, witness and verify the Commercial Production 30 Day Test Run which took place in September.??During the Commercial Production 30 Day Test Run, three key parameters had to be monitored: ?

•Throughput: determined by the calculated tonnage from the flowmeter and density gauge on the pre-leach thickener underflow feed to leach.

•Availability: determined by the measure of mill operating time, logged by the mill hours; operating typically reported on a shift and daily basis.

•Recovery: determined by sampling of the leach feed for gold content, pregnant and barren solution [Au] in the ILR electro-winning circuit, final tailings assay, gold on carbon inventory and gold poured.

RCC sent down a team of two engineers and two metallurgists and used the AMIRA-P754 gold accounting standard practices to validate the Commercial Production run. The team observed all plant operations to visually verify the plant performance; daily key performance metrics were downloaded from the facility control system, which the team used to calculate the plant throughput and availability. All plant assays were analyzed to verify the gold recovery. While on-site, the RCC personnel also assisted with sampling procedures and equipment calibrations.

The Reliable Controls Team prepared weekly reports on their inspections and test findings, as well as an analysis of material deviations and proposed actions to rectify such deviations. The end deliverable was a “Commissioning Tests and Commercial Production Test Run Report” that included all test and inspection results and key findings. The reports also included an overall assessment of how the commissioning tests and Commercial Production Run were performed, what was accomplished and what follow-up was needed.