Gold Mine Process PLC & HMI Upgrade

In June of 2016, Reliable Controls Corporation began a new project with a mining company in Nevada. The goal was to provide assistance to their existing control system for the Barren Solution Pump Control, as well as upgrade their Panel View Touchscreen layout.

In regard to the Barren Solution Pump, the Reliable Controls Team simply added a second pump to the project’s Process 2 area leaching circuit as backup in the event of a mechanical failure. Per request, our team also added a cascade level controller to the Barren pumps in an effort to reduce Barren Tank level fluctuation and spillover into the Pregnant Solution Ponds, which will help avoid dilution of the pregnant solution and maintain an acceptable recovery rate.

Additionally, the RCC Team up- dated the Panel View Touchscreen Program to a gray scale layout to correspond with the other control screens previously programmed by RCC in the facility. Our team updated the overview screens to mirror the P&ID drawings with locations of the field instruments and the original graphics were replaced with a simpler color scheme so operators could more quickly identify an alarm condition without distraction.

Once the on-site construction was complete, the RCC team returned to do commissioning of the new pump, variable frequency drive, power transfer switch and multiple field instruments. Our project was successful and completed on time. Thank you to our team for all your great work!