Natural Gas Compressor Assessment and As-Built

Earlier this year, Reliable Controls completed an As-Built and detailed assessment for eight compressors at a facility in Wyoming. The project involved red-lining 32 drawings for P&ID review and correcting tag names and symbology. Our team also updated cause & effect drawings by utilizing cause & effect documents from previous projects, ensuring tag names matched the wiring, identifying shutdown trip points and how to bypass or disable them and adding I/O assignments to each cause & effect.

The RCC team developed an instrument index that listed tag number, manufacturer, model, description, P&ID reference, I/O reference, range, span and engineering units. They also wire traced all I/O devices from field to PLC points and created AutoCad drawings using the Lumen As-Built I/O drawings as templates.

Eight individual compressor document binders were delivered to the client that included updated I/O loop drawings and an instrument index. The team also completed PLC Program cleanup and field verification on all instrumentation and cause & effect validation.
An action item list was provided to the client identifying deficiencies for each audited component throughout the project, along with recommendations for improvement. The project was completed successfully thanks to the RCC team!

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